The Death of Sasquatch

I love posts about videogames more generally, but ds106 internaut Ed Martinez’s recent discussion of the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare expansion pack was particularly good. Seems like since Rock Star’s release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fans having been requesting a hunt for Sasquatch based on a specific forest in San Andreas. More than six years later fans are still be in search of a virtual Sasquatch, and when Rock Star released Red Dead Redemption—a Western genre open-world action shooter—there were still high hopes, but the Sasquatch contingent were crushed given there were no .

However, the recent Undead Nightmare Expansion Pack for Red Dead Redemption finally did include Sasquatch, in fact, they included five. And what’s more, after killing the first four Sasquatch’s the cut scene around the showdown between John Marston and the fifth and final Sasquatch—which is such a brilliant enacted dialogue that really seems to be between Rock Star game developers and the fans screaming for the loog of Sasquatch.

That is blogging, thank you Ed!

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