The ds106 99: #11 Managing Media in AutoDJ

This weekend I did something I should have figured out long ago, I actually took the time to understand how you update the Media Folder and how to both create and add various mp3 files to a specific playlist in MyAutoDJ. I had a rough idea for the last couple of months, but other folks like Grant and Brian have been so on the ball that I had been spared the lion’s share of work in regards to ds106radio’s AutoDJ. This weekend I pushed myself to get a fresh run of sounds up there, and I figured it wouldn’t be tough, but then I actually tried it and crashed ds106radio. As Dr Garcia can attest, I had the stream down for about 15 minutes while I figured this out, and this post is meant to be a resource for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation with MyAutoDJ. Others have already done a fine job collecting all the ds106radio specifics here for logging in, FTP, etc. What this post offers is a nice play-by-play for updating the Media Folder and creating a new playlist in MyAutoDJ should the need arise.

Note: The tutorial below taken directly from the MyAutoDJ Knowledgebase here.

Setting up the Centova Cast Control Panel for the First Time

1. Upload some MP3’s! You’ll need a FTP client & the login details for your server.

If you have never used a FTP client to upload before, it’s real easy……

A. Download this file –

B. Install the software, (FileZilla – FTP Client)

C. Start FileZilla

D. Enter the FTP details in the top

Username, Password & IP Address are the only areas you should enter (DO NOT ENTER THE PORT NUMBER- IT IS NOT USED FOR FTP) – (you’ll find the FTP details in the Centova Cast AutoDj CPanel, look for “quick links”)

E. After you’ve logged in, on the right, you’ll see 3 folders – choose the /media folder – open it by double clicking

F. On the left you’ll find your local files ( your computer ) – find your MP3’s, highlight one or all (hold down the shift button to choose several MP3’s at once)

– Drag them over to the right – you will be UPLOADing TO THE /media folder

………….the /ondemand folder is used in connection with the start page, it will list any mp3’s you put in the /ondemand folder to allow your guests to instantly listen to your “on demand content” – they will also have the option to download the mp3 and save it to their computer.

2. After you’ve uploaded a few MP3’s,

LogIn : We currently run several different Centova Cast servers, check your account to determine which server your stream is on – or the link is in your welcome email – a list of all emails we ever sent you is here

In the Centova Cast Auto DJ, choose “Media Library”, then click “Update Media Library” – near the bottom!!!

3. Next, just drag a mp3 over to one of the folders on the left. (you can also choose several mp3’s at once) – just drag and drop, be sure to choose

4. Now click the “start server” link. You may have to allow a few minutes for the stream to buffer & begin playing, but you can tune in with one of the media player links (bottom right of the Centova Cast Auto DJ)


>> make sure you upload your MP3’s in ASCII, if you don’t know what this means, and have not changed any setting in your FTP client (ie. FileZilla), default settings are fine, there is no need to make any changes.

>> you do NOT have to use FileZilla to connect via FTP, this can be done several different ways, even through Windows.

Here is the user guide (PDF)

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