The ds106 99: #34 David Attenborough narrates Dawn of The Dead

I really enjoyed this mashup which has David Attenborough’s narration of two groups of chimps at war from the Planet Earth documentary laid over Dawn of the Dead (1978). A brilliant idea, and I am pretty certain the student, Jenna Kincaid, used footage I previously re-cut from this film and put on YouTube a while ago. That’s kinda wild to me, particularly if she had no idea that she was re-cutting videos I put out there three or more years ago, as she was delivering them back to me with a new, killer concept that actually makes it all that much better. That is the internet for you, while it is so unimaginably immense, it always manages to feels like home.*

*Like I said, I am not 100% she used the videos I cut as her masters, but given my scene selection and what else is out there on YouTube in one video, I am pretty confident. For me it is the ultimate compliment and wild internet serendipity.

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  1. This is great! I love that some one else has used this great clip from Planet Earth. I remeber being very moved by it the first time I saw. There is something very human about this ape warfare.

    I made this clip last year:

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