Dawn of the Dead, Take 1

Dawn of the Dead PosterOver the next three days I am going to be publishing three different videos dealing with George Romero’s genius horror film Dawn of the Dead (1978). The first of the three (this post) is a six-minute, edited “argument” of scenes that I think frame the power and importance of this film as both horror and social/political commentary. The next post (take 2) will be my recorded commentary upon the edited argument presented here. And the final take will be a mashed up version of these clips. This is really just an experiment to trace how we might take various approaches to media for analysis, critique, and the creation of something new. Two recommendations for your viewing pleasure: be sure you have a pretty fast internet connection and use the full-screen option! Enjoy. Rather than pushing the h.264 codec for high resolution playback, seems like YouTube proves a bit more reliable across browsers and operating systems.

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4 Responses to Dawn of the Dead, Take 1

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  2. Martin says:

    Hi Jim,
    the movie isn’t working for me – is it okay for everyone else? It gets to 100% but the little spinning icon just continues. Don’t think it’s connection speed as it was still doing this 1 hr later. If it’s just me don’t worry.

  3. Reverend says:


    It seems to work on a number of different computers, one of the issues I noticed is it requires the latest version of flash (i.e. 9) for the full screen. If you have the same issue on the DOTD, take 2 post, then it may be local to you. But with video everything because so nutty that I’m not sure. I’ll put a copy up on YouTube which will solve everything because YouTube rules 🙂

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