The ds106 99: #36 The ds106 final exam

This final assignment comes care of Martha Burtis, and we are here in Combs 139 at UMW as they take this exam they have two and a half hours to finish any of the following options listed below). And in the spirit of ds1064life we figured we would open it for anyone interested—obviously you have none of the time restrictions or overhead as the in-class students. Have fun!

The DS106 Final Extravaganza

Break up into groups of 3-5 students. Choose ONE of the following projects to complete in the next 2 ½ hours. When you are done, post your final product to your blog and tag it “ds106extravaganza

Use the stats compiled in this Google Doc to create an infographic that visually describes the universe of DS106. You do not need to use all of the stats listed, but you do need to use enough to tell an interesting story about what DS106 is about. If you want, you can add your own stats.
Be creative with the visual metaphors you choose, and create a graphic that is clear and compelling.

Character Story
Choose a random open DS106 participant and create a short digital story about that person. (Ask Jim or Martha for the list to choose from). Research the person based on their contributions to DS106 as well as any other information you can find out about them on the Web. Your story can take the form of any media: a written story with photos, a narrated audio story, a short video, etc. Try to accurately represent the person, but in a fun and imaginative way. Be creative but not cruel!

Movie Posters
If DS106 was a movie, what would its posters look like? Choose a visual metaphor that conveys the experience of taking this course, and build 3 detailed movie posters that share this experience. Mine the treasure trove of digital imagery created by your fellow students for inspiration. Think about your posters as a “series” that add up to a story about what this class has represented.

Movie Trailer
If DS106 was a movie, what would be in its trailer? Create a 30-60 second movie trailer that creatively interprets this class as a film. Consider the overarching narrative of the class that you would like to tell. Mine the digital media created by your fellow students for inspiration and work to mashup.

30 & 60 Second Commercial
Create two audio commercials for DS106 (one 30 second and one 60 second) that communicate the essence of this class. If you were “selling” DS106 to other students, what would you say? Use audio resources created and shared by other DS106 students as material for your work.

Semester Mashup
Mashup the work of DS106 participants from the last 3 ½ months into compelling digital story about this class. The final mashup can take any form you want: video, audio, Web page, images. Think about the story you want to tell about DS106 and then use the work of your classmates to share it.

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