The ds106 99: #37 Overheard in ds106

Image of a poster for ds106final

Image credit: “Groomed4Life- Poster2” by Sarah Kountz, Kelsey Conway, Brandon Robenson, and David Noel

When you miss my ds106 class, you miss a lot. And just remember—context is everything!

That one! Go sit on that one!

Do it daily! That could be a new slogan. Do it daily, dammit!

Wanna tssts me? Wanna tsstss my project?

The two were all inter-penetrating each other, but not in a sexual way, but in an artistic way.

I have a deep, special spot for Fett.

And the rain drops are going around his nipples….I just love the sexualization of this, this guy.

Bring it HARD. That’s all I have to say.

I’m a man of action, not words. Well, I’m a man of both, actually. I’m a man of action words. I’m a man of verbs.

You can still get drunk if you want, but have some sort of framework for it.

@mrthimble1 Thanks David, you are so easy 😉

I just love the fact that you’re blushing while you’re telling me this.

I’ve been on a commenting spree lately. Have you? …. I’ve been on a big commenting spree lately. Did I say that? Have you?

Thank you for being abused by that.

“That’s what this is about? Not the complete decline of Western civilization, but whether or not she can drive the Cooper?

I’m like the old creepy guy looking in through the glass.

Recently when I’ve been talking to people, I’ve felt like my words are like fists.

Nuts are good. Extra points for nuts.

It’s trippy to me! We have whole entire institutions centered on that ollie.

I have never pooped in front of this class. I’ve made it a point not to. But if you want me to…

Special thanks to David Noel for keeping an ongoing record, it is nice to know someone is taking notes. And for the record, I don’t remember saying most of these things.

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3 Responses to The ds106 99: #37 Overheard in ds106

  1. Hahaha! Glad to be of service. I’m happy that I was able to use all of those before the semester ended; my first idea fell through, and I was afraid they wouldn’t be used for anything but my own personal entertainment.

  2. cali4beach says:

    ahaha love this list and wish I had thought to write down great quotes from the bava too!

    also, love how my name is spelled Sarak Kountz, lol 😉

  3. Reverend says:

    You should know the bava doesn’t have the time for any damned correct spelling….now fixed! 🙂

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