The Embedded Artist, or yet another ds106 funding idea

Image credit: IWDRM

Tim Owens and I were talking briefly last night, and he had an idea for ds106 that I really loved: the embedded artist. What this means is you get an artist from a particular medium, say People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) for audio and/or video mashup or Donald O’Finn for video collage or Gustaf mantel for animated GIFs (to throw out just a few ideas) and have them basically embed themselves in the class for a week, make some art, share their process talk about something of interest to them, comment on peoples work, and all of this from the comfort of their internet connect.  I think this would be awesome, I love Tim’s idea, and this is something I could really get behind raise money for 🙂 How sick would it be to have embedded artists in ds106 on a regular basis?

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    I am going to bump this one again cause I love it 🙂

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