The Invaders in 4 Icons


In today’s “Introduction to Design” session Tim Owens and I demonstrated how to approach a few design assignments. One in particular was how you could use The Noun Project and GIMP to do a 4 Icon Challenge. A number of folks already got out the gate quick on this one, such as  Talky Tina, Paul Bond, Arlana McAndrew, and Andrew Thomas. I have to admit, I love this assignment, it is quick, fun, and addictive. I am not alone, and I think without question it has been the most popular assignment outside the GIF, with more than 126 people having registered their work on the assignment page to date. Usually it’s funner to make people guess what movie, tv show, Twilight Zone episode, etc., but given we all have seen “The Invaders” during week 1 I will forego the formalities for this one 🙂

2 Stars

Icon Credits:

House icon designed by OCHA AVMU 2012

Woman icon in public domain

Flying Saucer designed byHeather Walls

Knife designed byUnknown Designer


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