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Accused! ds106 on Trial

It’s been 12 or 13 years since its inception and I must say it’s kind of wild that ds106 won’t die. That’s gotta say something about how awesome it was/is/will be, right? I guess it really is #4life! Few people … Continue reading

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The Joy of ds106, Week 2

Paul Bond and I are starting to get into the flow of The Joy of ds106 and students are posting! We did a rush job on Week 2’s intro video, but I like that we are keeping it focused and … Continue reading

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Diabolik: a Cultural Revolution Comic on Film

I already blogged a bit about using OBS to produce and stream a class visit Paul Bond and I did for Antonio Vantaggiato‘s Italian Cinema course last week. I wanted to use this post to talk briefly about the clips … Continue reading

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Introducing Danger: Diabolik to a Live-Streamed Audience

A year ago Antonio Vantaggiato invited Paul Bond and I into his Italian Cinema course to talk about Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963). I was fairly new to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) at the time, but … Continue reading

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The Monogamous Book Club, Episode 1: Twenty Days of Turin

Well, I may have lost yesterday’s first episode given my failure to record, but Paul Bond was kind enough to offer an immediate turn around and spend another hour of his day before work talking about Giorgio De Maria’s The … Continue reading

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From the #ds106 Valley of the Shadow of Death

Paul Bond and I are collaborating on yet another iteration of ds106 this semester: Tales from ds106. Like Noir 106, this class is inspired by a specific theme, namely horror. Early on we’ll be using some of the 1950s EC Comics Tales from the Crypt to explore … Continue reading

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Mario Bava must have gotten bit by Rabid Dogs

Paul Bond and I were as good as our word, we worked through ten of Mario Bava’s best films for the Bavafest we’ve been doing since March. This post has the tenth and final (for now!) discussion of what might … Continue reading

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Planning the Perfect Crime [Course]

Paul Bond and I are start week 3 of our True Crime seminar at UMW tomorrow night. I still have some colonial crime narratives to write about, but before I do I want to talk briefly about the planning and design … Continue reading

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True Crime: America’s Most Wanted

This semester I have the good fortune of co-teaching a Freshman Seminar on True Crime with Paul Bond, who has been a long time ds106 lifer and blew my mind last Fall as an open, online particpant professor in the Hardboiled … Continue reading

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Coming Fall 2013: True Crime!

Update: Please note this course syllabus has been modified significantly. You can find the most recent version here. (8/24/13) I’ve spent a fair amount of time proclaiming how awesome Paul Bond during last semester’s Hardboiled Freshman Seminar. But proclamations are one thing, … Continue reading

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