The Persistence of Memory

One of the many joys of OER17 was catching up with Bryan Mathers in person. We were chatting before one of the sessions about re-designing the default splash page for new accounts on Reclaim Hosting—the final hold-out from our original design. 

We talked about the possibility of have a few images rotating through in the splash page, but as usually happens the conversation just found its own way and after talking about memory, archiving, and the web Bryan starting talking about a Salvador Dalí-inspired vision of web-based memory and persistence:

Not sure if this will be our new default splash page, but I have no doubts we will find something to do with it. First and foremost a blog post featuring the awesome and soon after framed poster in the new Reclaim offices 🙂

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2 Responses to The Persistence of Memory

  1. Maha Bali says:

    Artistically I,love it. Not sure the message is clear, though because u can barely see the logos and they’re lounging about not doing something useful 😉 but i think the same idea could possibly develop slightly with same Dali approach

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