The Swine Flu in 1976?

The fearless Anand Rao just tweeted a link to two Public Service Announcements from 1976 about the Swine Flu (via the Daily Beast). They are pretty awesome, the 70s aesthetic is absolutely one of my favorites of all time. I spent the whole minute and a half waiting for the zombies from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead to bust out and start giving people the Swine Flu.

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4 Responses to The Swine Flu in 1976?

  1. Anand says:

    I found this link on the Daily Beast- great source.

    My fav is the second commercial. “she gave it to her best friend, who had a heart condition, and died.” Terrifying.

  2. Joe Calpin says:

    I kept on wondering if you were going to make the connection to Zombie invasions…it seems all to convenient that the recent awareness of zombie defense strategies would only call forth the hordes…

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  4. Reverend says:


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