The WordPress Plugins in My Life

Seems like the Cog Dog and having been doing a little sharing about their WordPress plugins, which I find extremely useful -so thanks. I have been talking a bit lately about some of the plugins I have recently discovered here, here, and here -but the following list is a quick and dirty look at what’s beneath the hood of bavatuesdays:

      404 Notifier 1.0: This plugin will log 404 hits on your site and can notify you via e-mail or you can subscribe to the generated RSS feed of 404 events. Adjust your settings here. By Alex King.
      Aggregate 1.0: Allows you to place the contents of an RSS feed into your posts. By Rob Miller.
      Articles 1.1: Display posts in an ‘Articles’ list. To include a post in the list, add a custom field to the post: ‘article’ = ‘1′. By Alex King.
      BDP RSS Aggregator 0.4.10 (test): RSS Aggregator – collate RSS feeds and summarise to a page – updates regularly without the need for cron. By Bryan Palmer.
      Code Markup 1.1.1:: A filter that displays code blocks nicely while still allowing formatting. By Bennett McElwee.
      Exec-PHP 3.0:: Allows php code tags inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages to be executed just as in usual PHP files. By Sören Weber.
      Kimili Flash Embed 1.1: Provides a wordpress interface for Geoff Stearns’ excellent standards compliant Flash detection and embedding JavaScript. By Michael Bester.
      Netflix 2.1 :Displays info from your Netflix account. This includes text and images via RSS feed. By Albert Banks.
      Optimal Plugin (formerly, OPML Renderer) : Renders valid OPML from any source as an expandable/collapsible list. By Dan MacTough.
      podPress: The podPress plugin gives you everything you need in one easy plugin to use WordPress for Podcasting. Set it up in ‘podPress’->Feed/iTunes Settings. By Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r).
      Share This: Let your visitors share a post/page with others. Supports e-mail and posting to social bookmarking sites. Thanks to Thomas McMahon for footwork on the URLs. By Alex King.
      Spam Karma 2: Reloaded: The only spam filter for WordPress. Period.
      Viper’s Video Quicktags:: Creates quicktags for embedding various video types, including those hosted at YouTube and Google Video, into WordPress. Uses the ButtonSnap class by Owen Winkler. By Viper007Bond.
      Wikipedia Link 0.1: With this plugin, you can link to Wikipedia entries just like within Wikipedia by simply enclosing the word you want to link with in double brackets. By Andreas Krennmair.
      WordPress Database Backup:: On-demand backup of your WordPress database. By Scott Merrill.
      WordPress Mobile Edition 2.0: Show a mobile view of the post/page if the visitor is on a known mobile device. By Alex King.
      WP-FLV 0.2: This plugin eases insertion of Jeroen Wijerings FLV Video Player By Roel Meurders. (PodPress does play FLVs, but this is still the slickest and most solid FLV player for WordPress)
      Brian’s Latest Comments 1.5.10: This shows an overview of the recently active articles and the last people to comment on them. By Brian Meidell.

How about you? -what plugins do you keep in your backend?

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4 Responses to The WordPress Plugins in My Life

  1. Johan says:

    Hi It seems as though spam karma for mu was taken off. But searching for a solution I came across Trubar.

    One commenter said it’s not code it’s logic. You need to hack the:

    wp-comments-post . php (root directory)
    wp-login . php (root directory)
    comments . php (theme directory)

    And for that reason I am not sure if it will work in Mu.



  2. jimgroom says:


    I’m actually using Spam karma for MU, where did you read it was taken off? What I do is install it as a regular plugin and activate it throughout the environment every so often to keep the evil spammers at bay. You might also look into Akismet and Bad Behavior. i haven’t heard of Trubar, but I’ll be sure to check it out.


  3. Johan says:

    If you go to this link for Spam Karma 2 for WPMU
    and then go to the download link
    it’s gone.

    I downloaded to standard wordpress plugin in the mean time.

    You said: I install it as a regular plugin and activate it throughout the environment every so often.

    Does this means that you upload it to plugins and not mu-plugins.
    And when you said: activate it throughout the environment….I am not sure what you mean as I am not yet there ;-(

    Thanks for your response.

  4. Johan says:

    Hi Got it. I downloaded it to plugins and everyone can activate it on their blogs. Thanks Johan

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