TommasoTV: Unity or Unreal?

My youngest has fallen down the rabbit hole of video game development. And if you know anything about Tommy, you’ll know he’s locked-in. He has spent quite a bit of time watching Brackey’s tutorials on Youtube which teach game development, and started learning the Unity game development engine two months ago to great effect. A few weeks back he switched over to another gaming development framework, the Unreal Engine, and has had some success there as well. At this point he is ready to start making a simple game and is still on the fence between using Unity or Unreal. This video shows the work he has done in both engines thus far, brainstorms some game scenarios, reflects on the strengths and limits of both engines, all with the added bonus of me cracking bad dad jokes throughout. It’s that rare moment of parenthood when your kid actually wants to be seen on camera with you, so I am doing my best to take advantage of it.

We have plans to track his development during the creation of the Megashark game we discussed, so hopefully we can do a regular vlog on the topic. But, if we don’t, it was fun to capture this moment with him; I do so love the little braniac. The video is not that smooth given we had to use OBS on his PC, but I’ll iron that out if this does become a regular thing. Also, we live streamed on, so futzing was encouraged and luckily the sponsorships are still forthcoming so we don’t feel all that guilty 🙂

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  1. All the VR work in our office is being done in Unity. But I think Unreal is the non-commercial option.

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