UMW Blogs SSO: Cassify Your Love for Boone

I already mentioned this in the bavaweekly last Tuesday, but I did want to note here that Boone Gorges rules all. Shannon Hauser is breathing new life into the venerable UMW Blogs, and part of that was converting the instance to single sign-on as Fall 2021 classes got started. It worked well, and they were off and running during the Fall. But in mid-December the WP-Cassify plugin used to manage SSO with CAS was updated and it broke the recognition of email addresses for users signing-in, which meant even if a user had an account it would create them a new account and their SSO account would not be synced with their pre-existing account pre-SSO. In short, it can make a mess of things for folks signing into SSO who had a pre-existing account, and we had to go back and sync accounts manually.

Given we are not developers, a broken plugin can be a bear to figure out. But luckily we know some smart folks who have experience with plugins, and it seems I might have caught Boone on a good day where he was feeling generous toward a wordPress plebe like me, because within a couple of hours he wrote a mu-plugin that recognized and synced emails which fixed the issue. YES! He even wrote to the plugin author providing the fix, and we’ll see if they incorporate it into any future plugin updates. But I just want to take a moment to thank Boone for bailing me out, applaud Shannon for keeping the UMW Blogs lights on, and scold myself for never learning enough PHP to live up to the fierce independence I preach 🙂

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  1. Brian says:

    Nice way to get an update on Boone! And to see Shannon doing her thing with UMWBlogs.

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