bavaweekly 2-15-2022

The wheels keep on turning on the bavaweekly! The latest update reminded me we are into week 7 of 2022—it’s going fast. This stream was a manageable 21 minutes, and once again special thanks to folks like Meredith Fierro and Terry Green who joined the live stream, always fun to chat and respond live to folks.

So, what went on last week? Let’s take it from the top….

Reclaim Hosting

  • Much of late last week was consumed by figuring out why select containers on Reclaim Cloud from our Canadian and UK data centers were losing network connectivity. It was a lurking, irregular issue that was finally resolved on Friday. we are to understand it was a result of a secondary IP range misconfigured on the servers, but we are getting further clarification. I will say it did making life a bit more tense when watching that monitoring channel Wednesday, Thursday and into Friday of last week
  • Reclaim Community Chat numero due! The State of Reclaim was the theme for this one, and it was great to get feedback from folks about their needs, you can read my summary here or enjoy the recording below:

  • Fun meeting with Colgate, got to chat with Jeff Nugent, Christine Moskell, and Dan Wheeler, and one of the things the new capacity around edtech has provided us immediately is the ability to reach out to more of ur existing schools and make sure they are getting what they need
  • Also, Pilot, Taylor and I did some streaming around trying to upgrade Azuracast using ds106radio as the test-case, but realizing the radio was scheduled for a massive session with over 100+ people, luckily we dodged that bullet. I should plan these upgrades better, so much for nobody’s listening 🙂
  • Also blogged about Boone Gorges fixing the Cassify plugin that enables SSO on UMW


  • As mentioned above we streamed our prof dev work upgrading Azuracast as well as looking at the one-click installer in Reclaim Cloud. We made some real progress on the latter, which will hopefully help fix the former. The streams are over an hour long each, and including them below, but we want to do more of this as a group and make them available as time and energy allows:


  • On Wednesday my latest cabinet purchase arrived at the office in Fredericksburg: Dig Dug. It looks pretty clean, and I am looking forward to getting back there soon to close down the office and getting the games ready to ship. I think there are close to 16 games in Fredericksburg, so it is high time to get those babies on the high seas to Italy.

Image of Digg Dug arcade cabinet

  • I also sent out the Sidam Explorer game board to see we if we can get that fixed given we ruled out the monitor. That will be awesome if that gets fixed, and still shopping around the Sidam Asterock board to see if we can get that fixed as well.
  • On the Stargate reset issue front, I removed the 7432N chip at E6 on the board, and then soldered a new socket and waiting on replacement chip. I believe that’s the issue, but we’ll soon see.


  • Tried to watch Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011) but fell asleep. I really wanna like that movie, but the pacing kills me.
  • Watched the Norwegian disaster film The Wave (Bølgen) from 2016 and that was a lot of fun. A solid disaster film if you are into that kinda thing.
  • I was skeptical, but after watching Power of the Dog (2021) I am a believer. I mean Jane Campion’s economy of telling this story is awesome, and amazing to see her at the top of her game several decades since The Piano.
  • In fact just how good Campion’s Power of the Dog may have been highlighted by just how claustrophobic and boring Spencer (2021) proved to be. Pop, relatable royalty is still just royalty—snooze.
  • After abandoning Spencer after 30 minutes we watched the Django & Django documentary featuring Quentin Tarantino talking about Sergio Corbucci, the other Sergio of Spaghetti Westerns. This was awesome, and Tarantino lives and breathes these films to such a degree it is impossible not to respect that level of love.

  • The family movie this week was Step Brothers (2008). We have an unhealthy attachment to this film i would rather not share here 🙂


  • Was a bit of a rough week, started running last week then hurt my knee on my third run Saturday, so I was bummed and spent much time on the couch.  Sunday I could barely walk, but on the mend.
  • My blood letting routine is under way, and that feels good to know my therapy to tame those antique genes is pretty simple.
  • There was snow Tuesday, which was gorgeous in the morning but quickly became slushy and messy.
Image of the Fersina in trento after a fresh coat of snow

The Fersina in Trento after a fresh coat of snow

Update: One thing I forgot to mention before publishing this post was that I also wrote about ds106, given Monday marked the 10 year anniversary of one of my all time favorite assignment memes. The whole thing continues to fascinate me, I love ds106 #4life.

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2 Responses to bavaweekly 2-15-2022

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Looking forward to being in the peanut gallery soon for a live stream, kudos for mixing the eventness into this as a multi-episode series.

    I’m a bit gobsmacked to be able to respond to the film list but actually have seen a few on your list.

    * We saw “The Wave” a few months ago and agree that it did the disaster movie well on the human terms, rather than the special effects focus of hollywood ones. It was worth the watch.
    * Power of the Dog was amazing, what a tale and unexpected story, that really flipped what I thought it was going to be about. I’d watch again and I rarely watch again
    * I’ve only seen the previews for Spencer, so thanks for saving the trouble. I first thought it was… trying to remember “Spencer Confidential” which was beyond awful. I’m usually not one to bail, there there were so many things wrong with it to list. Unwatchable.


    • Reverend says:

      Thanks for watching Alan, that is awesome. And it does seem like folks connect over the watching, which is fun for me. I have been trying to do this as a habit to see what is manageable for streaming, but also keep me responsible for taking stock of what I am doing given it seems a lot thee days. It’s hard for me to write about ti all, but these quick weekly reflections allow me to capture bits that will never find their way into a full blown blog post be cause we know how long it can take to write those. I appreciate it for that, but like most things with this blog, it is an archive I know I’ll find useful later on.

      Yeah, Power of the Dog was a real treat and Spencer the opposite. Been trying to watch more recent stuff given I have a proclivity for staying in the 70s and 80s, which has been a good turn.

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