Vancouver, OpenEd City

Well, because the “Crossing the Chasm” theme for this year’s Open Education Conference was a bit too hippie for my liking (especially the image), I decided to offer up an alternative theme/movie trailer for this event based on Roberto Rossellini’s masterpiece Rome, Open City, appropriately re-titled Vancouver, OpenEd City. I kinda think of this little ditty as a neo-neo-realist take on the struggle for open education.

And if you haven’t heard already, WFMU’s Station Manager Ken Freedman will be one of the three keynotes at this year’s event, a treat in and of itself. I have a feeling this year’s event might have a bit different tenor given the organizers, I imagine something along the lines of the above video. So kudos to Brian, David, Scott and Chris for putting together what promises to be an awesome event, and even making it far cheaper than it was just two years ago. How did you manage that? So, if you don’t go to the Open Education Conference this year, well, then, I guess you really don’t love freedom 🙂

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7 Responses to Vancouver, OpenEd City

  1. Mike Bogle says:

    “So, if you don’t go to the Open Education Conference this year, well, then, I guess you really don’t love freedom”

    Hey that’s not fair! 🙁 I’d give my eye teeth to be able to go to this. I’m making an (arguably EXTREMELY vain) attempt to get funding to go, but I suspect it’ll be knocked back. Perhaps if I offer to throw in my spleen or a lung they’ll warm to the proposal 🙂

    Times like this it’s very hard to be on the other side of the Pacific.

    Wish me luck 🙂

  2. w00t! First to invoke Godwin’s Law!

  3. Reverend says:

    I wish you luck, and will hope for the best. Though, I feel your travel constraints, this may be the only one I can get to this year. On another note, obviously the “lover of freedom” remark is just something I picked up by osmosis living under the Bush reign of terror for years. I gotta watch that.

    Is it Godwin’s Law if it part of a video and not a forum? Also, any reference to Nazism is purely circumstantial 🙂

  4. Mike Bogle says:

    RE the “lover of freedom remark” – I totally got the reference – no worry about that (a remark I’d make too). Just made me mourn the unlikelihood of my attendance that much more. One of these days I’ll manage to catch up with you guys in person. As god as my witness!

    Love the vid by the way. That’s an area I need to develop some skills in – creative mashups. I love the additional depth they can make by taking a familiar scene or clip and placing it in a different context.

  5. Brian says:

    Love the vid. But does your gratuitous hippie-bashing mean you’re not likely to take part in the morning drum circles?

  6. Cole says:

    It is looking more and more like I will not be able to make this trip — huge disappointment. The work-life-professional whatever balance is getting jacked up. Sigh.

  7. Reverend says:

    I’ll probably end up leading the drum circle.

    That sucks, I hope my heavy-handed Nazi video didn’t scare you away, we could have some fun if you could swing it 😉

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