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Open Education in Italy or, an Introduction to the Introduction

I’ll be blogging from behind for the next week or so, but let me start by sharing some good news for Italian colleague and friend, Fabio Nascimbeni, who published his freely available book on Open Education in Italian. It’s an … Continue reading

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The Overselling of Open

I gave two presentations yesterday, one to a faculty cohort at Coventry University about Domain of One’s Own, I also presented a session titled “The Overselling of Open” as part of the Open Education Tuesdays series through the UNLR. The … Continue reading

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What I like about Duke

Image credit: Duke Yearlook’s “General Library” Seeing Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology’s (CIT) Showcase emerge in my twitter stream today (hashtag #cit2010) made me nostalgic for my time there last year. And when I injected my two cents into the … Continue reading

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What in 18th Century Audio is going on here?

Last week Professor Marie McAllister sent me an email suggesting that something “odd” was happening on her amazing Eighteenth-Century Audio site over on UMW Blogs.  The site has over 300 audio recordings of various people reading Eighteenth-Century poems, which is … Continue reading

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I Bleed CUNY Blood

Well, this past Friday was a real blast for me on many levels. First, I returned CUNY which was my old stomping ground for over 10 years, a place where I met some amazing people (many of whom are still … Continue reading

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Vancouver, OpenEd City

Well, because the “Crossing the Chasm” theme for this year’s Open Education Conference was a bit too hippie for my liking (especially the image), I decided to offer up an alternative theme/movie trailer for this event based on Roberto Rossellini’s … Continue reading

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“Open is always outward facing”

Last Wednesday I had a discussion with Philipp Schmidt, Ahrash Bissell, and Dave Humphrey for the second seminar of the Mozilla Open Education course. This discussion was designed to focus on four different case studies, but unfortunately Wayne Macintosh and … Continue reading

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Whither Fair Use?

“Fair Use” Photo by Lawgeek I have been unable to get Henry Jenkins’s post “Why Universities Shouldn’t Create “Something like YouTube” (Part One)” out of my head for the last two weeks. I keep on returning to his candid and … Continue reading

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Out of Print: Building a Digital Environment for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

D’Arcy Norman and I co-presented at the Open Education Conference last year, and I recently had the opportunity to re-watch our talk thanks to the good folks at COSL that both recorded the sessions and put them up on Google … Continue reading

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Publishing Platforms and Cross-Campus Cultivation

Shawn Miller from Duke’s Center for Instructional Technology re-published my post “The UMW Blogs Story” that chronicles the work we have been doing over the last several years at the University of Mary Washington. I am pretty excited that the … Continue reading

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