Webstories: Jesus Bales and Baby Recipes

Martha and I got started on the webstories assignment this week in ds106 in it is immediately paying some serious dividends. The assignment is Martha’s brainchild, and it is really pretty awesome. Take a site, and intervene in the CSS and HTML with Firebug to tell a story. And looks like the bar is already insanely high as we have some early projects already being posted. Take a look at the Intervention on IMDB with Jesus Bale, which is brilliantly executed and really has fun with the insane figure Christian Bale has become. What’s more, Stacy breaks down her process brilliantly in this post on her blog.

And if that’s not enough in terms of bringing the heat early and often, Andrew Allingham had some fun with the Google Recipes feature. Read closely, it’s deliciously brilliant an disturbing all at once.

This is brilliant, and folks all around ds106 have been bringing their A-game consistently, and it really blows my mind. What’s more, I haven’t really mentioned this here on the bava yet but this is Martha’s first time teaching. Not just a college class, or ds106, but any class. Period. Could you imagine this experience being your first? It’s blowing my mind and I have been doing it for more than 12 years and it’s been insane for me, I can’t imagine how it must be for her? That said, she is bringing her A-game hard as well, and the webstories assignment (as well as the Radio Show assignment) is a sign of just how amazing she is. It’s been a real honor and pleasure to teach ds106 collaboratively with her, and has pushed my own teaching and approaches in some really important ways (I’ll talk more about this when I blog the assessment radio session). Now I have to get on my webstory assignment and bring my A-game to this assignment—cause I will continue to eat my own dogfood—cause everyone else is bringing theirs, especially Martha. And this is no longer a class, it is a creative movement!

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  1. procsilas says:

    they are really good! I was too slow in preparing a fake imdb page 🙁

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