Zombies and the Manshed

The Velocioraptor Variety Show group asked me to do a quick impromptu spiel on surviving the zombie apocalypse for their half hour radio show—which you can listen to in its entirety here—and what resulted was a bit of extemporaneous zombie storytelling that was pretty fun. I basically added another element to the zombie apocalypse that I’m not sure many have played on yet, namely eating them once you’ve killed them. Anyway, I had to post it on the bava because it is part and parcel of the ongoing narrative of this blog—and it pushes me to keep posting about ds106. Another thing, I’ll be posting about all the radio shows and the last weekend’s ds106radio marathon very soon (there were three zombie shows in all, and I never seem to tire of that theme!). On that note, if you haven’t heard the zombie radio show by the WSOZ Zombie Radio group, it comes highly recommended—it uses the radio medium brilliantly, and is quite a compelling narrative: WSOZ Zombie Radio.

And finally, here is a link to my portion of the Zombie Apocalypse as seen from the manshed: Zombies in the Manhsed

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3 Responses to Zombies and the Manshed

  1. Prof Hanley says:

    You’ve been scooped by Alden Bell’s The Angels Are the Reapers (http://amzn.com/0805092439) . . . where a rugged group of mountain men in the “Zone” introduce the novel’s fetching, Ree-Dolly-esque heroine, Temple, to barbecued zombie meat . . . nice description of fricasseed zombie flesh, and it doesn’t taste like chicken. (My praise for Bell’s novel: http://www.babylonisburning.net/?s=mashing)

  2. Reverend says:

    @Prof Hanley,
    I knew I wasn’t original, and this seals it. And what is remarkable is we are going for the same aesthetic as well. I’ll have to pick this up, thanks for the links. Also, I have an idea for our film class idea, can you talk anytime soon?

  3. Prof Hanley says:

    @Reverend . .. originality is an outmoded category anyway . . . so you were unoriginal well before it became haute couture . . . my permalinks are perverse . . . meant to link to this single post rather than the whole damned tag . . .( let’s see if this works . . . http://www.babylonisburning.net/?p=37) . . . claro que si, hablamos pronto . . .

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