What are the 5 best film adaptations of a Stephen King work?

Image of The Shining film posterThis poll started out as a way to test Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan’s WordPress Poll plugin (which is pretty slick by the way), and quickly turned into a full-fledged poll asking what you think are the five best film adaptations of a Stephen King novel or story. I am limiting this poll to films only for the sake of simplicity and space. I know this may omit some great short films, TV Movies, Mini-Series, film episodes, music videos, etc., but King is far too prolific and the list of media adaptations of his stories and novels is itself horrifically long.

Keep in mind that I may have missed a few, so please use the comments to either slap my wrist or make a snide remark.

I think you’ll be amazed at two things as a result of this poll:
1) How many solid directors (some even great) made very good films out of a King work.
2) How hard it is to choose a top 5.

Just check the box next to your top five and click on the vote button and your done and you can then see the results.
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7 Responses to What are the 5 best film adaptations of a Stephen King work?

  1. Gardner says:

    Cool poll, cool plugin. Excellent! Thanks.

  2. Teddy Diggs says:

    What if I haven’t seen them all? Can I still vote? Might not be a valid response …

  3. What if I can only vote for two, in good conscience?

  4. jimgroom says:

    @Gardo: Thanks. I am going to test this one for UMW blogs and see how it works. I;ll keep you posted

    @Teddy: This is the bava there are no rules, just bad taste.

    # Bryan: Voting for two is fine. But they had better be Cat’s Eye and Cujo 🙂 More seriously, I would argue there are at least 10 very good movies in this lot and 4 great ones. I’m intrigued what your two would be so I could harass you further 🙂

  5. Alan Levine says:

    Ahh, what a chord you struck. Many moons ago I absorbed all of King’s early work. My gut is his books lend themselves extremely well to screen plays, as many of these are pretty faithful renditions of the originals. Or perhaps he penned screenplays, sold ’em as novels.

    I just picked up a bopy of “Four Seasons” at my favorite thrift store, and was amazed to consider 3 out of four of these “oovellas” became films -“Shawshank”, “Apt Pupil”, and “Stand By Me”

    The vote plug in is very slick- can it go into a sidebar?

    Also, another WP question- which “Related Posts” plugin do you use?? I tried 2 and neither behaved.

  6. The Shining, of course. Nothing’s anywhere near it.
    Except Cronenberg’s movie.

    I remember when King and the Sci Fi Channel remake The Shining. I felt like sending every member of the crew sympathy cards.

  7. Alan Levine says:

    I have to agree with the esteemed Dr Alexander (and did vote accordingly) – Kubrick was one not just to redo the novel.

    And of course, the re-cut trailer is perhaps more worthwhile (?)

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