What book would you embed?

I’m probably late to this development, but I just read over the at the DUKE CIT blog that you can embed select works from the Google Books collection right into a blog post or webpage. How wild! So, I asked myself the question, what book would I embed in the bava? And I thought and searched hard, and then it hit me like a diamond through the forehead: Herman Melville’s Piazza Tales, but even more specifically: “Benito Cereno.”

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3 Responses to What book would you embed?

  1. How awesome! Now I’m hearing Marlon Brando reading this out loud. “Follow your leader…”

  2. Reverend says:

    “Follow your leader…”

    How could I forget that quote, it speaks so loudly to me 🙂

  3. Tad says:

    This is totally late, as I try to dig myself out of a feed reader hole, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d seen this already, but there’s a Sci-Fi Twitter Novel based on Benito Cereno:


    And just because I feel like being a shameless self-promoter, my own blog post that involves creating a Wordle of the same story:


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