Who Am I Here?

One of my favorite quotes from the classic 1987 b-movie horror Stepfather is when Jerry Blake (played brilliantly by Terry O’Quinn) picks up the phone, only to stop himself to ask that age-old question: “Who am I here?”

This is exactly how I felt when I got the following email:

Screenshot 2015-11-22 09.18.59


I received an email signed by me, sent by Tim Owens, and from a company I co-founded. Who am I here?! In addition to setting up Middlebury Create and getting Whittier’s DigLibArts site up and running on their Domains server on Friday, I’ve been on a steady diet of moving various sites that were hosted on UMW Domains to Reclaim Hosting. I like this kind of work because it keeps me sharp with migrations using the restore a full backup in CPanel (a very useful tool!) as well as managing permissions after transfer, any database snafus, and more. It also provides the opportunity to go through the same sign-up experience as anyone using Reclaim. I have to say it is pretty elegant.

I got the above email after setting up a new hosting account for jimgroom.com and migrating over the domains murderinc.biz, jimgroom.me, wire106.com, noir106.us, and theinternetcourse.net. It’s an email I know well because many folks who signup for Reclaim respond to it to say thanks or ask for some help. And they get a response in short order. But this time I was sending it to myself, a bit of selfdoogfooding on Reclaim Hosting. And remember, “I’m not just the Reclaim Hosting President, but I’m also a client!”


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