Wire 106: S02E06/E07/E08 “All Prologue,” “Backwash,” and “Duck and Cover”

WIRE106-LOGOLast week “we took a closer look at visual” in ds106, and we returned to video for the discussions of Season 2, episodes 6, 7, and 8 of The Wire. We used a similar logic to organize these discussions as we did during week 4 with audio, namely we had each participant choose images from the episode they wanted to talk about in terms of the visual elements. I felt we prepared for this well by streaming each episode (without the sound) the night before we had the discussion.  I think there were some excellent discussions last week, and we are starting to get our groove.

ep21_greek_nick_sobotkaIn particular, I think the discussion in episode 8 when we started digging into the questions around money, the Greek, and the implications of a culture driven by consumption was pretty interesting. I want to thank the students that show up for these discussion and continue add thoughtfully commentary. I really like the idea of having ongoing discussions about the episodes , and it will be cool to see all 50 discussions spanning 4 seasons at the end of the semester.

S02E06: “All Prologue”
Participants: Imran Ahmed, Paul Bond, and myself

S02E07: “Backwash”
Participants: Imran Ahmed, Meredith Fierro, Maggie Stough, Paul Bond, and myself

S02E08: “Duck and Cover”
Participants: Imran Ahmed, Maggie Stough, Paul Bond, and myself

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