Wire 106 Radio: S02E03/E04/E05 “Hot Shots,” “Hard Cases,” and “Undertow”

Image credit Nicky MemitaBelow are the discussions of the The Wire episodes we had during week 4 of ds106. They were all done on ds106radio given we were introducing audio and focusing on listening. Turns out it was also very useful for me because it forced me to get back into figuring out the intricacies of ds106radio. Pulling in folks from Google Hangouts and/or Skype, as well as playing sound clips, music. etc. is not always intuitive. I took the time during week 4 to get back up and running with the greatest course radio station ever, and Alan Levine’s post on his configuration was invaluable to the process. #Blogging4life

I also had some help from the station’s founder Grant Potter, who archived the first show of the week for us. Also, special thanks to Mikhail Gershovich for helping me test the setup out—you can hear us talking about the setup in this bit of audio Grant captured.

Below are the three radio shows in their entirety, along with links to all those who took part in the discussions. The setup worked really well in my opinion. Everyone was asked to share an audio clip from the episode they would like to discuss. And we went round robin with about 4-5 minutes on each clip—this really helped focus the discussions. What’s more, it also helped tremendously that we listened to each of these episodes the night before these discussions as a class on ds106radio.

Season 2, Episode 3 “Hot Shots” (9/17/14)
Participants: Maggie StoughImran Ahmed, Brittany , Stefanie Reutter, Paul Bond, and myself.

Season 2, Episode 4 “Hard Cases” (9/18/14)
Participants: Melinda Albrycht, Allison Thoet, Syd Bauman, LaKisha Mahone, Paul Bond, and myself.

Season 2, Episode 5 “Undertow” (9/19/14)*
Participants: Imran Ahmed, Paul Bond, and myself.

*  Unfortunately episode 5 was cut off a bit because I didn’t start archiving until about 5-10 minutes into the conversation, mea culpa.

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