Wireless has come a long way at UMW, baby …

UMW Wireless Image… but it cerainly lacks some of the “innate coolness” that characterized the aesthetics of Mary Washington wireless from ages gone by – what can I say, like any good noir will testify to, they just dressed better back then!!!
But don’t let me sway you – take a look for yourself at the picture below taken at Mary Washington College’s radio station circa the mid-1940s in 1943 (building uncertain which was located in George Washington Hall). This is just one of the thousands of images professor Pearce’s Historic Preservation class will be rummaging through over at the university archives in the Simpson library. Boy, are his students gonna have fun!

MWC 1940s radio station

Click on the picture above for a larger image…

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2 Responses to Wireless has come a long way at UMW, baby …

  1. Jerry says:

    Actually, I’m still using that console to mix podcasts…

  2. Rosie the Riveter got nothing on us, baby!

    And you, you’re right: they DID dress better back then. Those folks look sharp.

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