WPMS + DoOO = Awesome

For this month’s community chat we were joined by John Stewart of the University of Oklahoma and Noah Mitchell from Coventry University. Both Noah and John have been doing inspiring work re-imagining how to integrate their existing Domain of One’s Own platforms with new WordPress Multisite instances, which has been inspiring us at Reclaim, and others around the community, to re-think how schools might provide a more diversified set of web offerings to their community. This multi-pronged is something Lauren and I were struck by when visiting Vanderbilt University in November—particularly in relationship to Reclaim Cloud—but in many ways reinforces the idea that Domains and WordPress Multisite are complementary offerings that go hand-in-hand for any community exploring either or both. This talk covers a lot of this ground and lasts over an hour (as most of the chats do).

I have to say the community chats have been amazing. For quickly and fairly informally connecting with the broader community, as well as hearing about the cool work the various schools are doing. I really appreciate folks showing up, willingly participating, and generally making these monthly meet-ups a joy.

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  1. I was happy to be a part of the magic… I’ll look out for more gatherings like this of some very cool, like-minded folks empowering students to become publishers on the web.

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