Streaming Jitsi through Peertube Live

One of the cool things Taylor Jadin discovered recently is is easy it is to stream a Jitsi web video call through PeerTube. After creating a live stream in PeerTube, you would crab the stream URL and the stream key from the Live Settings tab:

Image of Live Settings tab in PeerTube

Live Settings tab in PeerTube where you can find the stream URL and private key

After that, head over to your Jitsi meet video call and look for the settings that are accessed by the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen:

Image of Settings for starting a live stream in Jitsi

Settings for starting a live stream in Jitsi

Once you select “Start live stream” you will see a dialog box that you will paste in the stream url and stream key, that should be separate by a slash “/” -so something like the following: rtmp://

Image of Jitsi dialog box for stream URL and key

Jitsi dialog box for adding stream URL and key, which are separate by a slash “/”

After that you will hear a voice telling you the stream is live and you should be able to see the call streaming through PeerTube within a few seconds.

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  1. Eric Likness says:

    Let’s go to the video tape! Those words ring so familiar. I still lived in the Central VA area at the time, when Warner Wolf came back to Channel 9 WUSA in Washington DC to be their Sports caster. Little did I know he got his start in D.C. prior to heading up to WABC in NYC. Boy those were the days.

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