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I’ll Miss You Mu!!

It is kind of weird to write this, but as of today the bava is no longer powered by WordPress Multi-User. I have upgraded this site to WP 3.0 Beta 2. For almost three years now this site has been … Continue reading

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CUNY Academic Commons Announces WPMu-MediaWiki Single Sign-on

I missed this announcement last Thursday while traveling and getting ready for CUNY WordCampEd, but this is pretty exciting news from the CUNY Academic Commons, which promises to become a force in offering up much needed plugins and open source … Continue reading

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One blog…or many? A Closer Look at “American Technology and Culture”

Jeff McClurken and I have been working on a project for his History of American Technology and Culture course that I am pretty excited about. I’m digging this one in particular because it highlights some of the unique possibilities of … Continue reading

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Blog…You keep saying that word, but I don’t think it means what you think it means

Forgive me for the re-publishing, but I just wanted to bring my page from the ELI 2009 presentation into the bava in an ongoing effort to build my personal brand and leverage my innumerable distributed online efficiencies and sweat equity … Continue reading

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Fredericksburg Academy Blogs

About three months ago Susan Carter Morgan sent me a message inquiring about the work we are doing with UMW Blogs. She’s an Instructional Technology Coordinator and English teacher locally at the Fredericksburg Academy, and was pretty interested in bringing … Continue reading

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Wonder Twins activate, form of “Write To Reply”

I just wanted to applaud Tony Hirst and Joss Winn for the amazing work they are doing with Write to Reply. These two British cats did nothing short of re-imagine the possibilities for an open, accessible discourse around documents that … Continue reading

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An EdTech Survivalist Interlude: The End is Coming

What I’m about to say might shock you or even scare you, but understand that fear does nothing but make things worse, kinda like stress. So instead of worrying, do something to fix it. Remember there’s no problems only solutions. … Continue reading

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WPMu Multi-DB Tutorial

Sooner or later we had to do it on UMW Blogs, and over a week ago we made the jump to a multi-database setup for our WordPress Multi-User environment. We have a subscription to the WPMu Dev Premium service, which … Continue reading

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New South Blogs

I just got a trackback from New South Blogs which is burgeoning publishing platform for the University of New South Wales, and it’s pretty cool to see the work many of us are doing in this regard impact and inspire … Continue reading

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WPMu Theme Editor Easter Egg

Update: Fail! I’m wrong yet again, damn it. Donncha replied to this post on my UMW Blogs here, basically saying he had nothing to do with it: Not my doing. That’s just the normal WP easter egg. Dunno how that … Continue reading

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