A Banner Week for Reclaim Arcade


Things are starting to get real around the push for Reclaim Arcade, I mean Timmmmyboy is producing marketing material, we’re both deep in the budget spreadsheets, and the OG arcade cabinets are flowing like wine in Trentino on a crisp Autumn afternoon. Life is damn good! “But talk is cheap, Jimmy, show me the money!!!” you say. Well, I hear you, baby, and I am on it.

In the last week we have secured five arcade cabinets that will give any 80s brat just a small taste of how sick a nostalgia rush Reclaim Arcade will be. Running up to my birthday Tim pointed me at a sale that included Elevator Action (in a Jungle King cabinet) and Dig Dug. I loved playing Elevator Action at Top Roller back in the day, and while it was not on the top 20 list, and while Dig Dug would not make the list, I recognize it’s a staple and this one just looked so damn good that we just couldn’t resist!

So those two are on their way to us (along with a few we ordered a few weeks back like Mario Bros., Karate Champ, and BurgerTime) but we have also hooked up with an amazing local connection and in just the last seven days we have gotten Crystal Castles, Robotron 2084, and just last night Donkey Kong delivered to Reclaim Headquarters. 



And that’s five, which means we’re only 5 or 6 cabinets short of 40 classic OG arcade games. Damn, the 10 year ds106 anniversary party is going to be off the hook!

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