A Song for our Times

Sometimes pictures just compose themselves
Image Credit: “Sometimes pictures just compose themselves” by phxpma.

Re-visiting my overflowing WFMU feed is always a pleasure, and last night I actually spent some time listening to The J’s with Jamie’s “Hey, Look Us Over!”, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole album–the first song, “Hey Look Me Over,” seemed like a perfect, upbeat anthem for these tough times.

Download “Hey Look Me Over”

And an earlier post on The J’s with Jamie actually has a song, “The Sound of Money,” which goes a long way to explain why we got into this whole mess to begin with.

Download “The Sound of Money”

And for something a little more Avant-garde, check out WFMU’s post today that features an album produced by Brian Eno in 1976, featuring compositions by Jan Steele and John Cage, with lyrics from the works of James Joyce and e. e. cummings.

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