Twitter Country

Randy Thornton, proprietor of the Metamedia blog, rocks! He recently wrote and performed his own song about Twitter called “Still tweeting 4U”. I love this kinda stuff—this is who we are, damn it! It may be a country song, but it’s all EDUPUNK in my mind: have fun, create, innovate, do. And when you bring music into this formula, whatever genre, it’s always good!

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  1. Joe says:

    Like the video and kinda funny really. Randy has always been a great guy in my mind and love metalica ever for a number of years.

    Always good when something on the internet inspires people to do something ‘different’ as this is what molds and shapes us into what we will and want to be. Think I need to get over and sort out my twitter account now, seems I’ve been a bit behind people.

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