A Very Bava Xmas

A day late and a dollar short, I know, but I’ve been so busy stocking up on meatball heroes, pizza, and bagels up here in New York that I haven’t had time to return promptly to the bava (which is one of my rules). But I’m not one to let an opportunity for an 80s b-movie posting pass me by, so here’s a special clip from Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984), a Xmas slasher that is representative of the beautiful titles you could discover at mom and pop video stores on Long Island back in the day.

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2 Responses to A Very Bava Xmas

  1. Tom says:

    I remember the cover of that video cover so clearly. Santa’s arm with the axe visible as he goes down the chimney. Strangely my parents would never let me rent it . . .

    (Just like I remember it)

  2. Looks like a vision of Jim’s Christmas future! (“Have you been reading the bava, boy? You better if you wanna keep off Santa’s naughty list!”)

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