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The Shrinking Man

When I was traveling around Scotland in April I stopped in a bookstore in Elgin looking for Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew. I wanted to read “The Mist” and “The Jaunt” to the kids; we were having fun with scary stories … Continue reading

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bavatuesdays’ 10 Week Mario Bava Film Festival

Note: While writing this monster of a post I realized I wrote a post back in August of 2008 wherein I dreamed up a double-feature bava beverly film fest that matched a Bava film with another classic. Well this is … Continue reading

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“The Tuition Isn’t The Only Thing That Will Kill You!”

Why hasn’t someone in ed tech thought of this awesome tagline already? It’s for the forthcoming film Murder University by Scorpio Film Releasing, and Hartter did the art for the teaser poster. Very cool.

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The insanity of space in Kubrick’s The Shining

A few weeks ago Andy Rush shared a link to the following video essay on YouTube which features Rob Ager of Collative Learning discussing spatial awareness in Stanley Kubrick’s horor masterpiece The Shining. The video was so brilliantly done, and … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t this sequel been made yet?

I watched The Blob (1958) again last night and the last 40 seconds of this film are a perfect setup for a global-warming sequel. I can’t believe no one has cashed in on this yet. I think it is time … Continue reading

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Oblvion Camp: A Course To Dismember!

This ds106 radio show may very well be your last! The 1:00 minute bumper promoting the ds106radio show that will decisively end the #ds107 insurrection, once and for all!! Ds106-oblivion-camp-bumper by jimgroom The :30 second bumper that will put an … Continue reading

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Creepshow: Ed Harris has got smooth moves

I’m a fan of Ed Harris. No matter what movie I see him in I always seem to like him—even if that’s not necessarily how I feel about the film he happens to be in. That said, he’s been in … Continue reading

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Chucky meets ds106

I’ve been knee-deep in film commentaries, homemade Halloween movies, and mashups for the last three weeks in ds106, and it has been awesome. I’m on the verge of finally finishing my mashup, but in the meantime, here is a short … Continue reading

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The Best 22 Horror Movie Trailers from the 70s & 80s

While working on my mashup for Digital Storytelling (ds106) I found working through trailers on YouTube was the easiest way to come up with ideas (which I must admit was pretty difficult). I stumbled upon a 4-part series that collects … Continue reading

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The Dead Zone: “Pretty good, huh?”

I could watch this opening scene from The Dead Zone (1983) again and again, a picture of a teacher reading to his students the best of Poe, and then punctuating it with a “pretty good, huh?” as well as a … Continue reading

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