A Week into 2018/365

I’ve been watching Alan and D’Arcy do the 365 photo challenge for more than a decade now, which struck me when I read that fact. I envied the push, but without a phone until two years ago, the idea of always having a borrowed DSLR on my person seemed laborious, if not impossible. I flirted with joining the fray, but was keenly aware of my limits. I resisted the urge. This changed in October of 2015 when I finally broke down and got a phone. I haven’t regretted the decision for a moment, but sometimes miss the shock on people’s faces when I informed them I never owned a cellphone. The phone has been clutch for tethering when I need to take care of work for Reclaim Hosting on the road, but even more awesome than that for finally having a camera in my pocket.

I love taking photos. The satisfaction of capturing a decent shot every so often is truly rewarding, not to mention how purely it feeds my deep desire to capture and archive everything. Add to this the fact that I moved to a pretty spectacular part of the world, and my photos benefit from a natural advantage in terms of subject matter. I have been milking the beauty of Trentino regularly for over two years now. But after reading Alan’s post about another 365 challenge in the bag, I figured I’m at the point where I can actually do this pretty easily. What’s more, it will help me accomplish one of my modest goals for 2018: posting and organizing my photos on Flickr in a timely fashion. So, I joined the 2018/365 group on Flickr, and I’m officially in the mix.

So far, so good. I have successfully posted a photo for the first 8 days of 2018, which feels good, and I just happened to be on ski/snowboard vacation in Alto Adige which means the sites where a bit more intense than usual. What’s more, it features the little bavini that make it all worth while. So, here are the first 8 of 2018, here’s to 357 more!

2018/365/001: Merano by Night
“Merano by night”

2018/365/002: saying a prayer for the new year
“Saying a prayer for the new year”

2018/365/003: Mountain Curves
My personal favorite thus far: “Mountain Curves”

2018/365/004: Merano 2000
“Merano 2000”

2018/365/005: Significant Snowfall
“Significant Snowfall”

2018/365/006: Love Orwell
“Love Orwell”

2028/365/007: I Dolci
“I Dolci”

2018/365/008: Trento from Bosco Della Città
“Trento from Bosca della Cittá”

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4 Responses to A Week into 2018/365

  1. I’ve been loving your photos. You’ve developed quite an eye (likely with help from your amazing partner). Looking forward to following along vicariously!

  2. Jeff Curtis says:

    I tell people that I use one of my cameras to make calls on. I never leave home without it. On some days I might take 365 shots. Some days none.

    I love to lurk and watch the work that gets posted up on a daily basis. It is so cool to follow, as D’Arcy says, “vicariously”, the times of our lives.

    However, my muse is one who does not do well hitched up to a yoke of daily tasks. Where it leads, I follow.

    The skiing shots are awesome. My old boards aren’t so fast anymore: https://flic.kr/p/pZHA3R

    • Reverend says:

      We’ll see where it leads, but I do enjoy the idea of thinking of what would be a photo I would be happy to post each day. The camera as phone makes total sense, I think of it predominantly as phone, then wifi hotspot, and then various apps like Chrome, Twitter, Flickr, etc. It is really a phone with some extras 🙂

      I do go on runs, and when you are skiing in the mountains good shots come easy, but I am hoping the 365 pushes me a bit to get off my ass some days and look around for a shot. It worked with ds106 🙂

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