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OER23 Polaroids, Day 1

Collection of polaroids taken during the first day of OER23. This was more of a mellow onboarding, pre-confernece workshop day. Bryan Mathers ran an awesome workshop that I will be blogging in-depth tomorrow, but for now let the images of … Continue reading

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My Instagram Problem

Hi, my name is bava, and I have an Instagram problem.  I never planned to get on Instagram, and I was even less inclined to enjoy it. But 616 posts and 18 months later I’m realizing I am deeper in … Continue reading

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Ancient Roman Beach Vacation

The beaches of Chia I am currently in London with some downtime as I prepare for a Domains workshop in Coventry tomorrow. I’m just coming off the longest vacation I have taken in probably twenty years (if not longer). Twelve … Continue reading

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Marching through a Photo-A-Day

We’re into March now and I just did a catch-up for the 2018/365 group on Flickr. I’m pretty happy with the first two months of photos, but even more so with the impetus to keep on top of my Flickr … Continue reading

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Perfect from Now On

[For posterity, the above YouTube link-once it inevitably breaks-was to Built to Spill’s song “Randy Describes Eternity” off their album Perfect from Now On.] I already missed my first photo for the 2018/365 photo-a-day madness. I woke up this morning and … Continue reading

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A Week into 2018/365

I’ve been watching Alan and D’Arcy do the 365 photo challenge for more than a decade now, which struck me when I read that fact. I envied the push, but without a phone until two years ago, the idea of … Continue reading

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A Blue Saturday in Trento

Yesterday morning I went on a walk in downtown Trento with Antonella and Tess to do some shopping and pick up and overdue bicycle. The weather had been pretty brutal here the previous 5 days or so, so a pure blue … Continue reading

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Flickr photos now linkback?

Update: D’Arcy informed me that “the flickr link was just crawled by google or technorati – no magic connection.” One can dream I guess 🙂 I just got a notification of an incoming link from a Flickr photo on my … Continue reading

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Embedding iFrames on WPMu

While text encoding is proving hellacious for me with WPMu, embedding iframes has never been easier (keep in mind there are risks involved, so think before you drink!). I found a pretty cool plugin for WPMu (there is also one … Continue reading

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Flickr Photo Gallery

I have been meaning to write about just how easy it was to include the eight Flickr images I used for the In Jim’s Chair post. Tan Tan Noodles’ Flickr Photo Gallery plugin for WordPress (and WPMu) is often associated … Continue reading

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