An Integrated Domain at THETA17

I already wrote my post-mortem on the THETA17 conference in New Zealand this May, so I do not have all that much more to add. But given they recently shared the images and videos from the conference, I grabbed a copy of the video (which consists of audio and slides) as well as some images taken from my “An Integrated Domain: Visions of a Connected Future” talk. Far from perfect, but there are some moments 🙂

And a few images from the talk:

THETA17 Keynote "You want some of this?"
“You want some of this?”

THETA17 Keynote "One pound per second, per second"
“One pound per second, per second”

THETA17 Keynote "Whhat do you want from me?"
“What do you want from me?”

THETA17 Keynote "Is anyone out there?"
“Is anyone out there?”

THETA17 Keynote "Witchslayer"

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