Archiving Video on Twitter with PeerTube

I am digging that PeerTube is increasingly becoming part of my daily workflow on the web. I have re-committed to bookmarking links, but archiving videos has always been a challenge. When folks throw a video my way via Twitter, email, etc., my first impulse is to save it, but even if and when I do it quickly gets lost in the clutter of my local computer. PeerTube gives me a clean space to copy and quickly re-use those videos, and thanks to the magic that is the youtube-dl code it essentially can copy any video from just about any link. Take for example, the video in the Tweet above that was uploaded locally to Twitter. I now have it on my PeerTube install with a simple copy and paste of the Twitter link:

I love the idea of having an eclectic, personalized YouTube. It not only let’s me archive videos like the one of the Heavy Metal Picnic Grant Potter linked me to yesterday…

…but it also provides me a space to upload some of the VHS archiving I have been doing over the last year. In particular, the VHS copy of Kate Bush’s The Hair of the Hound (1986) which I just archived yesterday:

Playing with it has given me an idea for another project I dreamt up last year. I’ll have to experiment with that, but I imagine the less I say about this project the better for what may already be obvious reasons.

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