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There are some benefits to being a long distance blogger, namely tracking your thinking over time and racking up posts. A couple of weeks ago I published by 3000th blog post. I didn’t realize that until today, but it’s a milestone in my almost 12 years of blogging. I’ve averaged 21.297 posts a month and 4.55 comments per post over the last 141 months. I have 3341 broken links of a total 37,589 links. This space tracks not only my erratic thinking and random numbers, but endless hours of  laughing, stewing, and sharing. It’s been fun work overall. My commitment to the bava has been pretty consistent for the last 12 years, and this past summer is the first time I slowed things down considerably. I have enjoyed a bit of a break from the everydayness of the web more generally the last couple of months, but the semester is here and I need to get energized.

So, as I publish my 3003rd post on the bava, it’s a good time to remember this blog is the closest thing I will ever have to a comprehensive record of the work I’ve done. No social media outlet closing or changing its terms of service or restructuring their business model will change that. Bavatuesdays is my little corner of the web, and I like that fact very much. Until death do us part.

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7 Responses to bava 3003

  1. Ronald says:

    Waiting for 3333
    Just because of the beauty of that number.

  2. Alan Levine says:

    Could not agree more…. no I will… with the value of a long record of work, rants, and ideas.

    The ironic thing is, when you are helping people just getting started, when their post count is single, double digits, they just have to take your word. They wont get it until they get it. It takes years to hit the payback point. I tell them I can find what I was thinking about, working on, whinging about for almost any day back to 2003. And I pair that with my flickr photos which help place where I was on any date.

    But it’s more than record keeping and looking up when you did something, it’s really having a true sense of your own arc in thinking, writing, even being. You don’t get that dumping your soul into social media, medium or newsletters.

    I think you are in it enough when you find an old post you wrote that you don’t remember writing.

    But… you got a ways to go 😉 I’m at 4972 and not slowing down…

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