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Every so often my blog hits a random milestone, and this one happened to come at the start of my 18th year of blogging, and the very end of 2022. Given that, I figured I would use it as an excuse to blog about blogging. This post is lucky number 3700, and if you divide that by the 204 months I have been blogging that is just over 18 blog posts a month since December 2005. That averages out to a new blog every other day. That’s amore! 

This year that pace was more along the lines of every 3 days with a total of 126 posts overall, but my streak of blogging at least once a month every month since 2005 is still going strong. The iron man of blogging, if nothing else! The topics I have blogged about this year are telling, with the biggest percentage of posts being Reclaim and/or Reclaim Cloud, coming in at 81. There were 18 posts about bavacade and 11 posts highlighting the bavaweekly, that I hope to resurrect next year. There were 6 posts syndicated in from bavaradio (I was not great at keeping that site updated with latest radio shows), and another random 10 posts about various topics.

This year has been all Reclaim Hosting all the time and my blog reflects as much. I’ve had a lot of fun with Reclaim Cloud, and we continue to imagine new horizons for the future which keeps it exciting. And while for many a year I felt I was the last of a dying tribe writing into the blog void or navel gazing with every new post, it seems like the idea of regularly attending to your online plot and cultivating the soil is entering a new day. I see that most clearly with the uptick of blogging by the folks I work with at Reclaim Hosting. It has been an absolute joy to see Lauren, Meredith, Taylor, Chris, Pilot, Amanda, and now Noah all blogging this year. As a collective we had well over 200 blog posts, and something tells me we’re just getting started!

In fact, the work Pilot has done with Reclaim Roundup is in many ways the company meta-blog/newsletter that brings together all the work we do as a team and shares it monthly. Rather than one voice, it captures the work of an emergent team that is finding its rhythm and coming together in some truly magical ways. This many Reclaimers blogging and sharing their work is a powerful portent for the great things to come in 2023. Reclaim Hosting was in many ways built on the back of the blog, so it only makes sense we carry that torch and share where we are, how we got there, and where we are going. #4life!

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  1. Still blogging and still reading those who blog (like you).

    • Reverend says:

      And I appreciate that, but now I feel silly given I just went over to your blog and with 2500 daily creates and a post every day I wonder what the big deal is about bava 3700 after all 🙂 The creative momentum you have built is pretty amazing!

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