bavacade repair log 11-12-2023

Well, I think the time has come where all 28 games here in the bavacade are working 100%. There are still some small things to do, but if everything goes as planned in the walk-through today I’ll have 28 games running and working seamlessly in just a few hours. But before I mark that momentous occasion with it’s own post, I wanted to track what I have done since my last repair log update.

Elevator Action is stencilled, re-assembled, and working beautifully. With the new control panel overlay and slick paint job, this game is aces right now. I just have to do some touch-up paint on the rear door and get a few scrap pieces of wood to build something the AC input unit can hang on. I love this game, and I love that it is now mint and a pillar of the collection highlighted in the Foyer 8*

Elevator Action

Stargate continues to allude me, I had the resetting problem return again, which still threatens the perfect game room. Last night I swapped the switching power supply for an original unit I had, and that game seems to be playing now. We’ll see if that is the one that spoils today’s fun.

I had Cheyenne back up and running, but when I turned it on last weekend the power would not go on. I pulled the power supply out and tested everything, but all seemed to work, it was just the interlock switch that was not working—>I should have know then. Anyway, after pulling the game apart I realized the kill switch in the coin door was open, causing no power to flow. A rookie mistake that cost me hours.

Yie Ar Kung fu custom side art

The Yie-Ar Kung-fu artwork is amazing. I cut that into slivers and applied that last week, and a few places the stickers were not perfect, but well hidden and overall it is pretty amazing. All credit goes to Bryan Mathers for creating the art and Ricky making it part of his high school project and printing the art out and working with me to make it all fit.

Yie Ar Kung fu custom side art

At this point I just need to get the glass bezel and glass marquee printed, and then figure out the best way to approach the control panel print-out.

Yie Ar Kung fu custom side art

Despite all my love and attention, the freaking Yie-Ar Kung-Fu board started having some character pixelation, which has happened before. I swapped boards so that it’s now working well. But I wonder if something else is up because Mike (who fixes these boards) assured me it is not a board issue, and power supply checks out, so this might need a re-worked edge connector. But right now it works!!!

Apart from that, the original power supply for Scramble was fixed, so that is now installed alongside the switching power supply—both working. With that working, I decided to get the Super Cobra power supply fixed as well, so the next thing I might try and do is go through all the power supplies and fix those, and then try converting more games to 220V.

I think that is pretty much it, after two and a half years I have a fully operational arcade, at least for today, and that’s enough!


*The eight games I have in the foyer that all shine like new: Pac-man, Donkey Kong Jr, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Super Cobra, Elevator Action, Joust, and Defender.

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