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Phoenix Freeplay and Scramble High Score Save Kit

This week I mustered up the courage to try replacing chips on game boards and soldering sockets. This was fairly new territory for me, but I’ve been watching Tim work (as well as many Youtube videos) and taking notes, so … Continue reading

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Scramble Project Update: Reassembly

After getting the water damage from the cabinet cleaned up, the entire cabinet stripped (which was inspired by the K4600 chassis needing a cap kit), an extra board fixed with the added bonus of a high score save kit,  the … Continue reading

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Scramble Project Update: Stenciling the Side Art

I finally have a bit of time to provide an update on the Scramble project, which was officially finished this past weekend! In order to compartmentalize, I’ll just cover the stenciling of the side art in this post, which was … Continue reading

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Scramble Project Update: Fixed Chassis, New PCB, and Cabinet Painting has Begun

Now that I got my epic “Return to Reclaim Arcade” post out of the way, I can get back to some kind of normal blog rhythm. The long ones are harder and harder to write cause I am getting on … Continue reading

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Scramble Project: Cut the base!

…or is it hold the bass? One of the bummers of the much coveted Scramble cabinet I finally secured after searching for years, is that the bottom of the cabinet’s side panels are severely water damaged. That can be a … Continue reading

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Scramble Project: Stripped Down to the Cabinet

Below is a visual tour of my stripped Scramble cabinet. This is the first cabinet I have taken down to the bones, and I will be cutting the sides down and replacing and seaming them to get rid of the … Continue reading

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Scramble Project: Disassembling the Wells Gardner 4600 for a Cap Kit

A couple of weeks ago I took some time out from OERxDomains21 prep to pickup an arcade game here in Italy, Stern’s venerable 1981 Scramble. I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous cabinet, and I am thrilled to finally have it. … Continue reading

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An American Arcade in Italy: Arcade Story

What is it Madonna famously said in the 1980s? Something like “Italians Do it Better”? Well, after visiting Antonio Nati’s Arcade Story just outside of Vicenza, Italy I might have an idea of what she was talking about. Antonio is … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade adds its 59th Cabinet: Super Cobra!

59 cabinets seems to be on the verge of a milestone. In just over two years Tim and I have collected one short of 60* old school arcade cabinets that represent the foundation of Reclaim Arcade. You can see all … Continue reading

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