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bavacade Repair Log 6-29-2023

This is just a quick update to document some of the work happening recently in the bavacade. It has a been a bit of catch as catch can given how busy the last month has been with the Reclaim open … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 10-3-2022

I have been hard at work on the bavacade this weekend going through part 1 of the to-do list. I would like to make each game’s repairs a post of its own, but if I don’t capture this stuff in … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade adds its 59th Cabinet: Super Cobra!

59 cabinets seems to be on the verge of a milestone. In just over two years Tim and I have collected one short of 60* old school arcade cabinets that represent the foundation of Reclaim Arcade. You can see all … Continue reading

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