bavaradio show notes for March 27 2017

As promised, I have made a subtle return to I always have the hankering, but momentum (or is it inertia?) are powerful things. So i am trying to get more regular these days, and we’ll see how that goes.  I certainly have the time and energy for it in Italy, so if I am disciplined it could become a regular thing. Anyway, I have to put in the work before I start making any manifestos. So, here are the show notes for Monday, March 27th. 

I start with LCD Soundsystem’s  “North American Scum”

I then return to Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest with “He Would Have Laughed” -can not get enough of this album, a new discovery for me this year.

I then unveiled a new Reclaim/ds106radio bumper called Reclamation based on the Fugazi song. Not all that good, but a start:
Then Lorde’s “Royals,” my favorite new karaoke tune. If you are lucky I’ll do it at Domains 17 🙂

After that I chatted a bit, said hi to my 1 listener Scottlo. I think I was talking shit about Bluetooth, and Scott shared his latest style called Bluetooth Johnson:

After that, I did a Pacific Northwest set for Scott featuring a of my indie favorites namely:

Unwound‘s  “Corpse Pose”

Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl”

Beat Happening’s “Bury the Hammer”

The last part of the show was 3 more songs, this time moving back to the East Coast and then Germany. The finally three songs were selected based on the fact they were all Reclaim Hosting server names. This set pushed the ratio of my playlist to over half Reclaim Hosting server names.

Dinosaur Jr.’s “Forget the Swan”

Sonic Youth’s “Hey Joni”

Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator” (the Italian version)

What a dynamic live act Kraftwerk were back 81, thanks Grant Potter. The last song was disrupted because Ladiocast crashed, but it wouldn’t be a set without a gaff. Also, my system volume was down, as a student noted, so things were playing low, which sucks.  I’ll be sure to fix that on the next round, which may even be later today if I can get the bandwidth in Cork.

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2 Responses to bavaradio show notes for March 27 2017

  1. Nigel Robertson says:

    Maybe South Pacific should get you doing Lorde karaoke when you are in her home territory?
    It’s great to see that you are back on the ether even though I haven’t caught this current incarnation. Six years in, we all need to refresh ourselves at the #ds106radio font. I know I feel energised when I pick up the baton but I still have long gaps between shows.
    Keep playing #4life

    • Reverend says:

      Yeah, I figure the beauty of #ds106 in general, and why its always so easy to re-enter, is you do it cause you wanna. No pressure, no obligation. I always expect nobody is listening, everything beyond that is a bonus 🙂

      As for Lord in New Zealand, it’s on like Donkey King! Is Donkey Kong from New Zealand too? 🙂 So looking forward to it, and Antonella is coming too, so it will be a blast. We should chat.

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