bavaweekly 1-11-2022

Well, I did get my first weekly video update for 2022 done, and I’m sharing it now with the understanding that the full “show notes” with a more fully fleshed-out post will follow tomorrow morning.

In this week’s bavaweekly I discuss a couple of blog posts I wrote in an attempt to narrate the process of setting up the open source publishing platform Ghost on Reclaim Cloud. There was also a post about getting Wesleyan University’s Minicourse MOOC in Reclaim Cloud as well as a promo post for Taylor Jadin’s Community Chat tomorrow. I also got to dream a bit with a post about the vision of Reclaim Edtech, which was fun.

My time was running short, but I did share some game updates from bavacade, as well as a clip of Sterling Hayden chatting about Kubrick. And I did read a book this week, namely Emmanuel Carrère‘s The Adversary, which was some top-notch true crime.  All the while I had to wrestle Duke away from the green screen, only to realize too late it was sitting on top of his bone. Fun, fun, fun.

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