Bill the Butcher

I spent too much time on this not to post it here. I used the beta version of MPEG Streamclip for the Mac which seems to be working beautifully still in terms of allowing you to pull in YouTube videos and select the piece you want and work from there. I got an HD clip from Gangs of New York scene on YouTube and pulled it into MPEG Streamclip from File –> URL. But every time I tried “export to other format”–>”Image Sequence” the images get pixelated whether I export them as PNG or JPG. And you can see the pixelation all too clear in the animation—as I am sure you can see in this one. Not pleased with this one entirely, especially given Bill the Butcher on a rocking chair draped in the American flag is animated GIF gold—I brought my b-game 🙁 That said, the slow moving rocking is kinda hypnotizing once you realize he is animated. Consider it a work in progress. I might have to get my hands on the actual DVD to see if a straight rip is cleaner.

In an otherwise vapid film, Bill the Butcher was one of the most memorable film characters in the last 10 years. Daniel Day Lewis was simply amazing, it gets me excited for him as Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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2 Responses to Bill the Butcher

  1. Matt says:

    Love Bill the Butcher!! And I like this rocking chair gif quite a bit! Nice work.

  2. Reverend says:

    Bill the Butcher does, indeed, rule! I just wish I had a higher res version of this, I think I could make it look even better, but I do appreciate your comment Matt because I do think in terms of subtle it is one of the best I have done yet. All my hard work in animated GIFs might finally be paying off 🙂

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