BlogHer nails EDUPUNK

Leslie Madsen Brooks, who I know from Clutter Museum fame, is also a BlogHer and her recent post “Introducing Edupunk” really frames some interesting connections that need to be articulated. She provides an excellent examination of the term as a larger social, political, and cultural issue at the heart of education as we know it.

Her mention of Barbara Ganley is right on, I deeply respect and draw inspiration from her recent departure into the unknown world of possibility. Not to mention her beautifully textured photographs framed my a singular prose poetry that only leaves me wanting more. She has been blogging in her class when blogs were web logs, she is so very EPUPUNK.

Leslie also mentions some bloggers I hadn’t yet read, like Artichoke’s “…what I meant is that you have a truly magnificent bottom” –the first line of this post is so awesome:

“Should I give up on ambition?” – the last lucid question grandpa asked me was not a bad question in the circumstances.

Right on!

Leslie’s post focuses two things very sharply for me: 1) that the questions of equality, possibility, and culture are always already tied up with power and capital, 2) If EDUPUNK is all about people, and some few of us believe that we need to examine what it is we do and why (and are even crazy enough and willing to commit to creating and imagining) then thinking about the intersection of those spaces where our culture and capital come into a very sharp collision, namely gender, race, ethnicity, and class, is of the utmost importance.

Thanks for drawing that focus Leslie, and you know (as do Martha, Barbara G, Barbara S, and Laura) that Fear 2.0 is so EDUPUNK!

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  1. Leslie M-B says:

    I’m glad you found my post useful, Jim. Congrats on articulating an awesome concept.

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