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5 Questions about EDUPUNK

Two days ago Alex U. at the University of Montreal sent me an email asking if I had time to answer a few questions about EDUPUNK as a learning model for a presentation due Sunday.* I immediately offered to video … Continue reading

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Reclaim’s In on the Kill Taker

As chance would have it I stumbled across Joe Gross’s book in the 333sound series on Fugazi’s 1993 album In on the Kill Taker. I even got a note from one of the Dischord Records folks, namely Aaron, thanking me … Continue reading

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25 Years of EdTech: 2008 – EDUPUNK!

I really appreciate Martin Weller allowing me to take the reins of his 25 Years of EdTech series for 2008. It was a leap of faith for him to agree, but I think he realized that sometimes ed-tech’s history has … Continue reading

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Bildungs Punk at Re:publica 18

I’ve been procrastinating this post because I have so much to say about my time at the Re:publica conference in Berlin almost two weeks ago, but that never works out well.* So, where to start? I think I’ll start with … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need Permission to be Open

I made the mistake of mentioning I was a bit struck by David Wiley’s recent post “How is Open Pedagogy Different?” on Twitter. I should have gone right to the blog because the tweet onslaught from David and Mike Caulfield … Continue reading

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Bryan Mathers siphoned off some booty to Italy from the Reclaim Hosting motherload. We secured a bunch of stickers by backing Visual Thinkery’s Indiegogo campaign, and I’m glad we did. I really love the stickers visually, and they are also quite functional … Continue reading

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Inside Reclaim Records

Reclaim Records is starting to get further fleshed out thanks to the latest installment from the great Bryan Mathers. I really love the colors in this one, not to mention the synchronization of all the details we’ve been working on … Continue reading

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EDUPUNK: It was pure in my heart!

The moment above when a drunken, disassociated Jack Kerouac tells William F. Buckley that the Beat Movement was pure in his heart is a moment for me. I have written about it on the bava previously, and it strikes me … Continue reading

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“The Internet is the most basic form of the punk rock revolution”

I highly recommend this interview from back in 2008 that Ian Svenonius conducts with Calvin Johnson of K Records, Beat Happening, Halo Benders, and Dub Narcotic Sound System and more. The discussion starts with Johnson talking about how the work … Continue reading

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My Pilgrimage to Librecon

I’m currently traveling back from Librecon, a conference that aims to bring together the applications of free software in both business and  education. The conference was held in the gorgeous and quite historic city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, and … Continue reading

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