Can you dig the 99%?

The entire ds106radio aesthetic has com into its own. It has always only been waiting for . Cyrus sings the rap, does the math, and gets us ready for the future. How awesome is Giulia Forsythe latest mashup? I would argue very, very awesome, but see for yourself.

What do i take from this? Revolution is directly linked to culture, and we have been training ourselves for years, whether we realize it or not, how to start taking back the production and sharing around that culture in new ways over the last decade or so. This has not been idle work, making art, mashing up video, producing songs, and generally hanging out and sharing with others might be understood as the virtual labor of change we have all been investing in. And let’s hope the payoff is a system that reinvests in its citizens. because if it doesn’t, we can control the vertical and the horizontal!

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2 Responses to Can you dig the 99%?

  1. dkernohan says:

    That’s the centre of the internet, right there.

    I’m welling up… amazing stuff.

  2. Alan Levine says:

    I could not agree more that the skills of crafting even things like animated gifs, macguffins, and mashups are just the stepping stone to using them for bigger purposes. think of the legions in force already who have passed through ds106?

    The thing is, and the way I can only find myself out of this mystery place I have been sent to find the Center of the Internet– is that we need to be just aware and focused on the forces that want to take away/control the open platform of the web. Openness is beautiful but needs an amount of vigilance.

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