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Wonder Woman Mashup

A week ago the new Wonder Woman movie trailer was released at Comic Con. I’m not sure if it’s going to be any good, and it’s not getting any easier to stomach the super hero movie slop they keep dishing out, but … Continue reading

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Captain Remix

The great Bryan Alexander passed along this remix of Captain America: the Winter Soldier in the genre of a 1980s VHS trailer. It’s right on the mark in terms of tone, and suggests the revisiting of the Marvel super hero films is … Continue reading

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An Omen of a Birthday Present?

Look what the great Noise Professor made Tommaso for his fourth birthday. I think I’ve seen this somewhere before 🙂

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Wiki Embed: Telling the True Crime Story

In my last post I talked about how excited I am that students are building a resource using the true crime wiki as part of the course Paul Bond and I are teaching this semester. I wanted to use this … Continue reading

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Can you dig the 99%?

The entire ds106radio aesthetic has com into its own. It has always only been waiting for #occupywallstreet. Cyrus sings the rap, does the math, and gets us ready for the future. How awesome is Giulia Forsythe latest mashup? I would … Continue reading

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Jaws Mashup

Derek Whitaker, an internaut in Martha Burtis’s first Summer session ds106, did a memorable sound mashup using the film Jaws in this post here. And given it’s Shark Week—one of the most infuriating, sensationalized, and riveting weeks of U.S. television—-I … Continue reading

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A Mashedup ds106 Xmas Card

Have a happy holiday ds106 inernauts! Now looking for some hanukkah and Kwanzaa mashups 🙂 Discovered via this post on BoingBoing.

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Guy Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle”

Ubuweb has been on a serious tear recently, and I love their twitter feed cause I get to see those gems as they roll out. Is there any better resources on the web for 20th century avant-garde art than ubuweb? … Continue reading

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The Car: a ds106 mashedup production

The Car Mashup from Jim Groom on Vimeo. The last week or so in the digital storytelling class has been a blast for me, particularly because right now we’re playing around with mashups with everything from film to video games … Continue reading

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“Parade” by People Like Us

Another gem from the RSS reader from Ubuweb: People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) | U.K. Back to People Like Us in UbuWeb Film Parade (2009) A word from the artist… While viewing and sourcing content from the Great North Run … Continue reading

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