Upcoming DIY Web Radio Session in NYC

On Wednesday Grant Potter, GNA Garcia, Michael Branson Smith, Mikhail Gershovich, and myself will be hosting a seminar about DIY Web Radio, in particular ds106radio. It is pretty safe to say that ds106radio has been a blast for most of those those playing along for the past 10 months, and the community has remianed tight and manageable.

What this seminar might examine (there is no agenda I know of yet 😉 ) is how such a model might be imagined more broadly for teaching and learning in and out of formal educational settings.

Special thanks to Baruch’s Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Insitute for making this possible. It is the second in a three part series this semester ( I had the honor of being part of the first as well) that showcases innovative teaching, and it’s a thrill to present alongside people who have become core to my personal and professional life, or in layman’s terms friends! What’s more, I didn’t know half of them before ds106radio!

I have to believe this session will somehow find itself streaming on the radio, so if you can’t be in NYC on Wednesday, October 19th then by all means turn on and tun in to ds106radio!

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  1. GNA says:

    We want to represent #ds106radio correct on Wed.

    One way is to take with us what everyone has learned from participating in #ds106radio aka our learning outcome(s).

    I think Twitter is a great venue to collect these b/c the confines keeps each person’s .02$ w/n 14o characters. I know we could each write a treatise, but for the purposes of the presentation, parsimony reigns.

    If folks want to play along, they should tweet @ds106radio before Wednesday afternoon.

    I’m just rappin’ here. You know how I do.

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